Raggles’ worst nightmare

Posted On April 14 2010

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The Lady was rather amused to read this post today on one of her regular cat blog reads.

It combines two of Raggles’ pet hates: vacuuming and grooming.

Good to see there are other cats out there not quite as neurotic as the Princess Puss. At the first sign of movement of the vacuum machine, even before it gets switched on or even remotely near a power point, Raggles will run, run, run to the top of the Lady’s bookshelf. There she will remain until she deems it safe to return to ground level (usually at least half an hour after the vacuum is returned to its resting place, during which she will swipe at any head that wanders past the bookshelf).

As for grooming, the Lady is glad she has discovered the Furminator, which has proved much more efficient at removing Raggles’ voluminous excess hair compared to her old brush, and thus has saved the Lady’s hands from numerous scratches and bites. The Lady is not sure why Raggles despises grooming so much, since she spends so much time on it herself. Perhaps she believes she does such a good job, that any Lady-executed grooming can only do more harm than good?


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